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Some people in this world must be enjoy to eat pork. If you are a kind of people who really enjoy to eat pork, maybe you need to eat Lechon. Lechon is a dish that the main ingredient is a whole body of pork. Almost all region in this whole world have this kind of dish. The true meaning of word Lechon is a suckling pig that roasted. And roasting also the method that used in Lechon to cook the pig. Lechon is quite popular in several countries such as Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico and many more. You will able to enjoy Lechon when you visit those countries. Lechon is become the national dish in Philippines. In Philippines, they use Cebu as the pig that used to make the Lechon. This is because Cebu is known as the best pig in Philippines. It is already proved by the most popular American Chef who already try the quality of Cebu.

Lechon is not always being served. Sometimes it is served during a special occasion such as new year, or during a festival or during the holiday. Each countries that serve Lechon will have a different side dishes that can be eat along with the Lechon. Each countries also have a different festival that need Lechon to be served. You can visit each country if you want to try the different serving method of Lechon. The pig that choosen as the ingredient of Lechon is the medium sized adult pig. One pig can be served to a lot of people who want to enjoy the Lechon. It is good to serve Lechon during a moment where all people can gathering together in one place just to enjoy their holiday or to enjoy the festival that held in the country every year.


The Adobo

Adobo is a kind of dish that made out of pork. It is a actually a kind of seasoning method that usually used to seasoning the pork. There are many spices that used as the seasoning. Many countries used Adobo as their seasoning method since there will be a delicious taste that they can get from the Adobo. Adobo is come from Portugese. Then people from Portugese bring the Adobo to several country and introduce Adobo to the destination country.

There are a lot of countries that use Adobo including Philippines. But the country usually use their own cooking method and combine it with Adobo. This is because they don’t want to remove the originality of their own cooking. Therefore, many variations of Adobo that can be found in almost the whole world. People will able to try the Adobo if they visit several countries that serve the Adobo.



Sisig is a kind of term from Kapampangan that have a meaning “to snack on something sour”. Sisig often refers to fruits that unripe, or half ripe and also dipped in a salt or vinegar. Sisig also able to refer as the method that used to prepare fish and meat. The meat that use Sisig is usually pork. The method of Sisig is usually marinate the meat into the sour liquid such as lemon juice or vinegar. Then the meat that already marinated will be seasones with salt, pepper and another spices.

In Filipino, Sisig is refers to Sizzling Sisig. It is a dish that made out of a parts inside the pig’s head and liver. Then those parts will be seasoned using calamansi and chili peppers. There is an annual festival that always serve Sisig. It is always held on December. People in Angeles City, Pampanga will make the festival that serve many Sisig.


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